Join Jorinde & Serafina on 29 October 2023 in Amsterdam


A full autumn day of yoga & plant medicine ceremony. A deep dive into yourself and to take flight into a deeper state of conciousness. A day with like minded spirits, to release, let go and liberate our voices and hearts. Feel very welcome!



♡ 2 hours of delicious yin yang yoga

♡ Pranayama practice (based on the teachings of Paul Grilley)

♡ Chakra beeja meditation (based on the teachings of Paul Grilley)

♡ Cacao & Rapéh Ceremony with our team, guidance by Eva Serafina Reynders

♡ Healing sound and medicine music to enjoy and to free your voice

♡ Sharing & reflection circle, journaling

♡ Mantra & Medicine songs and celebration


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Full Moon Samhain

The 29th of october is a peak moment in the autumn season. A full moon and eclipse passed the night before and it's the time of Samhain (Celtic new year), the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter. In Taoïsm, it's the phase in which the metal element gradually moves into the water element. A time for appreciating what we have harvested at the end of summer, a time to turn inward, release stagnant emotions and welcome yin qualities into our lives. 


Into the heart space

Release and surrender to life on a deep level. Our daily lives are often times demanding. We spend a lot of time sending energy outward and absorbing information from the outside world. A lot of energy circulates in our mind. But we are not our mind. It's incredibly enriching to create time and space to experience that. To give space to our emotional life and to deeper layers of conciousness. Of truly being in our heart and to experience what that means. And then return to our daily lives, more connected, grounded and filled with space, inspiration and joy.

Yoga, breathwork, meditation and sacred plant medicines to take flight into a deeper state of conciousness



For who?

This day is for everyone who loves to practice yoga and to get acquainted with sacred plant medicine. No experience is required, only an open mind and heart. You are not a passive consumer or bystander, You are a vibrant and unique cocreator. You are welcome to share your gifts, be it music, poetry, story telling or something else. You don't have to :) But it is very welcome!


What is Plant Medicine? (in Dutch)

Schedule of the Day retreat


09:00 Arrival & Tea

09:30 Settle into the day with pranayama practice

10:00 Into the Body with yin yang yoga class & chakra meditation

12:00 light vegetarian lunch

13:00 prepare your space in the ceremony room

13:15 Into the Heart: opening of the ceremony

13:15 - 17:30 Cacao & rapéh ceremony

17:45 closing of the Day & Tea time


Practical Information

Location: Akademie voor massage & beweging in Amsterdam Noord

Max participants: 20-25

Language: English & Dutch (both possible and we choose based on participants)

Contribution early bird: € 113,- first 7 tickets: use code EarlyBird2910 

Contribution regular: € 128,- Buy Your Ticket here

Bring: yoga wear, ceremonial wear (comfortable en beautiful), water bottle, note book, pen, personal spiritual item, instrument if you play

Preparation: refrain from drinking alcohol the day before, coffee the day before and the day of the retreat, eat a light breakfast


Plant Medicine

Sacred Cacao

High grade quality cacao is incredibly nourishing for our bodies and a great stimulator of our brain and heart. In South America, it has been used as a sacred drink for thousands of years to connect with the divine. Cacao helps us to connect to our heart and feel deeply and honestly into what we feel, need and truly desire.


Sacred Rapéh

Sacred Rapéh medicine is a finely ground mixture of tabacco leaves and plants from the amazonian jungle. The indigenious tribes of the Amazone have revered to tabacco for centuries as a sacred spirit. We are very lucky to receive this wisdom and indepth knowledge of the jungle from the tribes elders. Rapé is blown into the nose of the recipient by the one administering the medicine. Rapé centres and aligns us. It’s a cleansing medicine that can sometimes have a purgative effect. It cleanses us of energies and patterns that block us from expressing our true potential.


Read more about plant medicines (Dutch)


The Team

Jorinde has been practicing yoga for 17 years and teaching for 10. She loves to make yoga a truly enriching and nourishing experience for everyone, no matter the age, physical condition or background. She teaches Functional Yoga, which aims to harmonize the vital life energy (chi) in the body through dynamic asana movement, breathwork and meditation. She studied with her longtime teacher Anat Geiger for 10 years and with founder of Yin Yoga Paul Grilley. She now studies tantric and ceremonial practices with Shamanic healer Deva Yama. Jorinde loves ceremonies, working with plant medicine and above all singing and making music, especially mantra's and medicine songs.


Eva Serafina went on the journey of self healing years ago, in a quest to set herself free from longtime depression. She succeeded. Connection and profound joy entered into her life. Working with plant medicine and wisdom from the Amazonian jungle became her life path of healing, self development and teaching. For years, she has been in apprenticeship with her teacher Deva Yama (tantrika and plant shamanic healer) and in 2022 went to Peru for a intense dieta. Serafina holds ceremonial space for healing, and asissts many many (master) plant medicine ceremonies. She has her own coaching practice and works both in ceremony and in individual coaching sessions. Serafina is also a wonderful cook and will prepare for a us a light delicious vegetarian lunch.


Nikki Verhoeven is a spoken word artist, anthropologist and truly creative soul. She loves cacao and shares her beautiful guitar play, songs and singing voice during the cacao & rapéh ceremony.


Steffenie Dölle fell in love with yoga and ceremonies in 2018. Rapéh became a true plant medicine teacher for her. Steff's compassionate, sincere and honest presence creates a safe space for others to go a little bit deeper than expected. She will assist Serafina in the Rapéh ceremony.